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2024 Contest

Our 2024 Contest is Now Closed. 

Thank you to everyone who entered.

The 2025 topic will be announced in the Spring of 2025.

The Need

1000 children die daily from poor sanitation

  • 2,100,000,000 people do not have taps that bring fresh water to their houses.  That’s 3 in 10 people.
  • 4,500,000,000 people do not have toilets in their house.  That’s 6 in 10 people.
  • 361,000 children aged under 5 die each year from water-born diarrhoea caused by contaminated water. Almost 1,000 children a day.
  • 900,000,000 school children have no handwashing facilities.

Most people take safe water and basic indoor plumbing for granted. But a substantial water access gap exists, We seek to lift up new voices to help us achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 of ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

That's where you come in.