Across the world, we connect technical experts with local community networks to develop and embed real skills in the design, management, and long-term sustainable maintenance of water and waste systems.

Access to improved drinking water and sanitation is one of the most fundamental issues facing developing nations. These challenges directly correlate to negative public health and economic outcomes. Complicating this challenge is the fact that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population are projected to be living in severe water stressed areas. By focusing on these issues, IWSH works to save lives and communities through uniquely developed projects in water-stressed countries to enhance washroom, sanitation, and hygiene through smart, simple improvements with data driven results focused on real-world impact.

While there are many NGOs and other stakeholders addressing key aspects of the water and sanitation crisis, IWSH is uniquely positioned to help developing countries address many of the technical and systemic challenges they face. We will work with government ministries, national standards bodies and officials at all levels of government to create a policy and regulatory framework focused on expanding access to improved services. This framework serves to become a national plan for moving populations up water and sanitation value chains. We will also work to create an environment where innovation and transformative technologies best suited to an individual country’s needs can be readily adapted into these frameworks.

If you would like to get involved with the enhancement of a school facilities, similar to the work done in Nashik, India at School 125 (watch video) please inquire here.

Please ask us for information in IWSH ongoing projects around the world.
Indonesia - Pilot Program
India - Education
• Community Plumbing Challenge in Diepsloot, South Africa
 Community Plumbing Challenge in Nashik, India
 Diepsloot Sanitation Program 2014-2016: Sponsor a Diepsloot Toilet
 Community Plumbing Challenge in Cicau, Indonesia
Community Plumbing Challenge in Navajo Nation, United States
Community Plumbing Challenge in Navajo Mountain, United States

For more information on IAPMO projects that will continue under the IWSH banner, click here.

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