Dan Daniels began as an apprentice in Colorado more than 42 years ago.  In 1991, Daniels was offered an inspector’s position with the city of Pueblo’s Regional Building Department. His supervisors recognized the quality of his work and made him the chief plumbing inspector for the city and county in 1999.

Daniels is a Past President of IAPMO, and has served as a member of the American Water Works Association. He is the Chairman of the UPC Technical Committee and has served as chairman of both IAPMO’s UPC Workshop Committee and IAPMO’s Career Services Committee and served on the Audit Committee, Bylaws Committee, Executive Committee and R&T Board of Directors.

Daniels is excited to be the chairman of the IWSH Board of Trustees and is eager to be a part of the ongoing collective efforts of IAPMO under this philanthropic banner and continuing to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to more than half of the world’s population.

Robert J. “Bud” Riestenberg, Treasurer has been a distinguished leader in the plumbing and mechanical industries for over forty years.

Riestenberg has frequently noted over the years that ‘Nobody gets to live life backwards. Look ahead—that’s where the future lies.' And with that, he is looking forward to working with IWSH as an appointed trustee and looks forward to advancing the valuable work being done throughout the plumbing and mechanical industry.

Riestenberg is focused on taking the next step to work with IWSH as a trustee to complete the full circle of his decades of commitment and dedication to the IAPMO Group's overall mission. The potential for experience and training will bring immediate impact to aid other countries in fulfilling their goals of good clean potable water and proper sanitation systems for everyone.

Alfred Ortega is a four-decade veteran of the trades, and a Member of UA Local 68 in Houston, Texas for nearly 50 years, Ortega has dedicated his career to the betterment of the plumbing Industry.

A government member of IAPMO for over 20 years, and a retired IAPMO Board Member, Ortega has served on numerous finance committees, and boards. 

Ortega is honored and excited on his appointment to the IWSH Foundation, after working as a plumber with water and code enforcement throughout his career. He always had the notion and eagerness to give back to this industry, however he never really understood the impact abroad, the water crisis and the lack of water and sanitation in developing countries until he got involved with World Plumbing Day and was able to present to children in classrooms and see their reaction, witnessing the true scenario around the world, and how lives are impacted without access to safe water or sanitation. Ortega was so moved by the statistics and the opportunities to make a difference by bridging the gap in these countries and implementing programs to improve conditions. IWSH is the vehicle Ortega has been waiting for, and he is dedicated to apply his lifelong technical expertise and passion to help improve water and sanitation systems and education where it is most needed as an IWSH Board Member.

Bill Erickson is the Chairman of the Board of C. J. Erickson Plumbing Co. He is the third generation of his family to lead this business founded in 1906 by his grandfather Carl Joseph Erickson.  Bill’s son Matt is the current CEO of C. J. Erickson Plumbing Co. handling the current day to day operations.

Bill Erickson graduated from Bradley University in 1970 with a degree in business management. After college he served an apprenticeship with Plumbers Local 130 and became a journeyman plumber in 1974. He has held all the positions in his company.  Foreman, estimator, project manager and became CEO in 1987. As CEO he helped his company grow to be one of the largest and most respected plumbing contracting firms in the Chicago metropolitan area. In 2006, after the companies 100th anniversary celebration, he stepped down as CEO. He now donates his time on various local, state and national boards and committees affiliated with water and energy conservation and sustainable construction initiatives. He is most proud of being the chairman of the IAPMO “Green Technical Committee” which produced the first ever green plumbing code supplement in 2012. Erickson is honored to be appointed as a founding Board member of the IWSH Foundation, in his words ”There is so much work to be done."

Tom Gugino has dedicated his life's work to the plumbing industry in almost every capacity for the past 40 years. Working as a journeyman and foreman until 1984, he began working for the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, eventually becoming the plumbing and mechanical inspections supervisor in 1999. A vital part of the southern Nevada plumbing industry, Gugino has made an enormous impact to the IAPMO Board of Directors, and the industry at large.

A charter member of the Southern Nevada chapter, Gugino has been actively involved with IAPMO for nearly twenty years. He has served one year as vice chairman and seven years as the chairman of his chapter. He was a ten-year member of the Product Certification Committee and the Standards Review Committee. A loyal supporter of IAPMO who is always at the ready to help, Gugino was the deserving recipient of the Government Person of the Year award in 200S.

As a second-generation plumber, Gugino is first to say that he unknowingly took 24/7 access to potable water systems and safe sanitation for granted. The moment Gugino had the opportunity to accompany IAPMO's Jed Scheuermann to Nepal in 2013 to assist Health Habitat devise waste management solutions for villages in the impoverished nation, Gugino's vision changed. With that, his passion and dedication have taken center stage, utilizing his lifelong knowledge and expertise to assist in providing basic water and sanitation solutions to protect the public's health in developing countries.

Russ Chaney joined The IAPMO Group in 1995 as Chief Executive Officer and has worked to further IAPMO’s public health, safety and environmental mission through the promulgation of the Uniform Plumbing, Mechanical, Solar Energy, and Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Codes. Since 2002, Russ has served multiple terms as a member of the World Plumbing Council Executive Board including the esteemed position of Chairman from 2011 – 2013.